• High Intensity Lower Body Workout Starring Patty

    Fred Fornicola: Dumbbell Training–Shoulder Press

    Joel Waldman Negative-Only Pullover

    Tom Kelso Workout Highlight Video

    Shoulder Workout, Pain Cave Style

    Doug Holland Deadlift Workout

    Doug Holland High Intensity Workout

    H.I.T. Cribs Episode 2: The Pain Cave

    The Secret To Bigger Biceps

    The Secret To Dumbbell Training Progress

    BREAKING NEWS: Dave Durell quits High Intensity Training!

    Negative Training For Positive Results

    Building Killer Grip Strength

    The “Static Hold” Technique

    “Dude, You Train Like a Girl”

    The Time I Almost Died Working Out

    Leg Exercises: The Best Way To Do Lunges

    Hiking as a Metaphor for Life

    Bicep Curls With Forced Reps And Negatives

    Back Exercises: The Secret To Better Back Development

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