• In Memory Of Tony Brown, 1985-2009


    “Life is for those who truly live it, and time alone does not make a full life”.

    That’s the quote I selected to go with my picture in my high school yearbook. I have always believed that, and try my best to always live life to the fullest, to not miss anything.

    Of course, as you become an adult some repetition is inevitable, but it’s amazing how much you can squeeze into your life if you really commit yourself to doing that.

    My nephew, Tony, was that way. Student, son, film-maker, brother, boyfriend, snowboarder, friend, athlete, partier, traveler, adventurer-that guy stuffed more things into his life than most people could do in three lifetimes.

    tony 5tony 2tony 6

    Being the youngest child of three brothers, he had a lot of “keeping up” to do.  Tony, however, proved at a very young age that his brothers would have to keep up with him.  Tony loved all sports, but especially extreme.  

    He started skateboarding at a very young age and even built a half pipe for the back yard.  Injuries were no stranger to Tony.  Broken bones were always in his life.  Football, lacrosse, skateboarding, snowboarding, wake boarding, dirt bikes, and bmx kept him busy and out of trouble.  As he grew older, a video camera became part of his hobbies.  He loved to capture his friends practicing tricks. He discovered his dream; to work in the film industry with extreme sports.  

    His future was full of hopes and dreams with a goal to film the sports he loved, have a family and live a full life!

    Unfortunately, fate would have it that Tony would die just a month short of graduating from Full Sail School in Florida.

    Tony died at the young age of 24 on July 11, 2009 from complications during a hospital procedure. 

    Tony’s passing gave me, and all of his family and friends, a horrible, sobering reminder of just how fragile life is. It can be taken away from any one of us in an instant. None of us have any way of knowing how much time we have left on this earth.

    That being the case, it is incumbent upon all of us to make the most of our lives. Take charge of your life and your future. Set challenging goals for yourself, and design your life around them.

    Train your mind as well as your body. Get and keep yourself in great physical condition, so that a lack of fitness never holds you back.

    Make your life a daring adventure, full of thrills, achievement and happiness.

    Work hard on developing yourself to be the best you can be. Cultivate and nurture your relationships with the people who mean a lot to you.

    Don’t miss anything. Don’t leave anything on the table. LIVE!

    And don’t let any opportunity that comes your way pass you by.

    Tony never did.

    tony face

    Click Here Learn More About The Tony Brown Foundation



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    Our latest installment of H.I.T. Cribs features our very own private personal training studio here in Clearwater, Florida: Rock Solid Fitness FL.

    Rock Solid Fitness is a private one-on-one personal training studio in Clearwater Florida, run by my wife Patty and me.  We have an awesome staff of trainers and support personnel–Iliana, Christie and Karen–who make sure our clients get the best possible training experience each and every time they come in.

    High Intensity Training is the exclusive training system used at Rock Solid Fitness.  Our clients perform slow, controlled reps, one set to failure, for 30 minutes per workout, usually twice a week.  To date, no one has ever asked for 31 minutes. :)

    We have a fantastic group of clients who do a great job in their workouts, and make it a pleasure for us to come to work every day.  We also offer a free educational seminar to the community the first Tuesday of every month on various fitness topics, which have been very well received.

    So if you’re ever in the Clearwater area, be sure to call us so we can take you through a workout: 727-282-1800.

    Check out the H.I.T. Cribs tour of Rock Solid Fitness:

    Check out a clip from our latest free monthly education seminar:

    Click Here To Check Out The Official Rock Solid Fitness Website

    Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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    Mike Mentzer Day 2012

    Posted by Dave Durell

    Today is Mike Mentzer Day.

    In case you don’t know who Mike Mentzer was, he was a professional bodybuilder who won the Mr. Universe contest with a perfect score, and also placed 2nd in the Mr. Olympia contest.

    Later on he became a trainer, and he also authored many books about training, in addition to writing for several bodybuilding magazines.

    Mike was one of the most vocal proponents of High Intensity Training, which he learned from the man himself, Arthur Jones. Mike dedicated his life to studying, refining, and teaching the theory of High Intensity Training.

    I keep saying he “was” all these things because sadly, Mike passed away 11 years ago today. That’s why today is Mike Mentzer day.

    I was one of those lucky enough to see Mike in contest condition, guest posing 5 weeks before the 1980 Mr. Olympia. When he started posing, I almost passed out. All of the top Mr. Olympia contestants were there guest posing, and none of them came close to displaying a physique like his. I had never seen anything like it, and still haven’t.

    The next day, I attended a seminar held by Mike and fellow pro bodybuilder Danny Padilla. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mike was one of those guys who had a way of explaining things that just made them perfectly clear, and perfectly logical.

    I have been unwaveringly committed to High Intensity Training ever since.

    Sixteen years later, I was very fortunate to get to meet Mike, have him train me, and converse with him in person and by phone. It was an experience I will always relish as one of the most positive of my life.

    Now I’m doing everything I can do to keep the ball rolling and make sure Mike’s legacy lives on. That’s why I created High Intensity Nation.com.

    My latest attempt to do this is my new program, “Hyper Intensity Training-Advanced Plateau Busting Tactics To Get You Bigger And Stronger Than Ever”, which was released last year. The program is all about adding some High Intensity “tricks of the trade” to your workouts to make them more productive.
    And two of the many techniques in the program were personally taught to me by Mike Mentzer.

    Mike Mentzer not only taught me how to train, but also how to think, and apply the lessons learned in training to the rest of my life: to analyze situations with logic and reason, make a plan first, apply the plan with 100% intensity, and reflect and adapt until the goal is ultimately achieved.

    He is missed, but the lessons live on.

    Rest in peace Mike,

    Dave Durell, MS, PTA, Master HIT Trainer

    (video courtesy of Swordfishjon)

    Click here to check out the Hyper Intensity Training Program

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    On March 31st, 2003, a doctor told me I had prostate cancer. I was 44 years old.

    That’s not good.

    On June 4th, 2003, a different doctor performed surgery on me to remove the cancerous gland.

    That is good.

    Today, June 4th, 2012, is the 9th anniversary of that surgery, and the doctor tells me cancer is still undetectable in my body.

    That’s very good.

    I have proclaimed June 4th “Carpe Diem Day”. I celebrate it every year, and invite you to celebrate it with me.

    And to celebrate this year, I am offering my complete High Intensity Muscle Building program, including all the Special Bonuses, for only $19.50.

    $2 from every sale will be donated to Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation.

    Click here to join the celebration

    SALE ENDS 6/10/2012
    Carpe Diem is Latin for “seize the day”. Being diagnosed with a terminal disease, and subsequently getting it taken care of and receiving a second chance at life, gives one a new perspective on how very precious each moment of life is.

    I believe that every person’s highest moral purpose is the achievement of their own happiness. Whatever you need to do to achieve yours, I encourage you to “seize the day” and do something today to move you one step closer to it.

    As my fellow cancer survivor Lance Armstrong would say-every second counts!

    Seize the day,

    Dave Durell, MS, PTA, Master HIT Trainer


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    Waaaaaaaay early on Friday morning, March 23rd, Patty, our trainer Christie Jackson and I loaded our sleepy butts on a plane in Tampa and headed up to Minnetonka, Minnesota for the 2nd annual HIT Resurgence Conference, hosted by Luke Carlson of Discover Strength. 

    Once we finally got there, we headed straight for Discover Strength, and when we arrived, Luke was just finishing giving a tour of the place to Dr. Ellington Darden.  After visiting with them, we decided to stay and watch the Discover Strength trainers crush some of their clients  in a group workout.  (Getting crushed in a workout was a big theme of the weekend).

    After the crushings, we headed over to the Conference venue to hear DR. Darden’s keynote presentation, “Getting Better Results: What I’ve Learned Over The Last 5 Years About Muscle Building And Fat Loss”.  The presentation was absolutely fascinating-it was the first time I had ever heard Dr. Darden speak, and I was definitely not disappointed.

    After his riveting presentation, Dr. Darden proceeded to Crush (see?  I told you) this bodybuilder dude named Dave in a pre-exhaust upper body workout, followed by an ultra-slow leg press workout.  Dave took the crushing like a man-nice job Dave!

    After that was over, Luke invited all the attendees to a nearby restaurant for some food and networking.  It was an awesome, and rare, opportunity, meeting other High Intensity Training enthusiasts from all over the country, sharing training information and stories.

    The next morning–waaaaaaay early again–we worked our way over to the Pagel Center for a fun-filled morning of more workout crushing.  We got to try out a ton of cool equipment, and Patty even got a guest crushing by Chris Lutz of Sparta Training on the Med-X low back machine.

    After that was over, and a little breakfast provided by Luke, it was back in the classroom.  The rest of our morning consisted of non-stop quality learning from former NFL Strength Coach, and my friend and former boss, Mark Asanovich (“To Be Fast. Train Slow”); The number one exercise science researcher in the world, Dr. Wayne Westcott (“Strength Training And Fat Loss”); and Strength Coach and motivation expert Scott Savor (“Above The Neck Training: Motivational Strategies For Strength Coaches And Personal Trainers”).  Cutting edge information from some of the top experts in the entire world!

    After lunch (also provided by Luke), We were treated to a question and answer round-table discussion by Keynote Speakers Dr. Ellington Darden, Dr. Wayne Westcott, and Dr. Ted Lambrinides, Strength Coach at the University of Kentucky.  A one-of a-kind opportunity to ask these researchers anything you ever wanted to know about training.  Awesome.

    Next up was personal trainer Bill DeSimone, author of Congruent Exercise, who gave a presentation on “Applying Biomechanics To Improve Popular Free Weight And Machine Exercises”.  Bill talks about things you don’t hear from anybody else that can be immediately applied to any workout.  It was great to hear him speak, and to finally meet him.

    After Bill’s presentation was a break-out session, where 2 presentations were presented at once.  We sent Christie over to the Pagel Center for “Protocols, Sample Routines, And Advanced Overload Techniques”, presented by the Discover Strength Staff, which included plenty more Crushing for the audiences viewing pleasure.  Patty and I stayed in the classroom for Luke Carlson’s presentation “10 Strategies To Improve Your Personal Training Business”.  Since Luke is the most successful personal training studio owner I know, we tried to soak in all the tips and tricks Luke was giving us.  The only problem was trying to write fast enough to get it all in my notes–thank goodness I’ll be able to play it back a few times on the DVD.

    Our day was capped off perfectly by Dr. Ted Lambrinides’ presentation “Organizing and Coaching A Successful Strength And Conditioning Program”.  And Dr. Ted should know, since he’s currently working at the University of Kentucky–reigning National Champs in Men’s Basketball–to go along with all of his NFL experience.

    After The day of education, it was more hob-nobbing with some hard core HITters–Luke and his staff, Chris Lutz, Dwayne Wimmer, Dave Landau, Bill DeSimone, and tons of others.  The networking was a fantastic side benefit of this conference, and I have no doubt that benefit will increase every year as more and more people make the trip in future years. 

    Sunday, Luke graciously agreed to have lunch with us, where we talked training and business for so long we almost missed our plane.  You will not find a more gracious host, or zealous advocate of High Intensity Training, than Luke Carlson.  Thanks Luke!

    All told, the weekend was fantastic.  We learned a ton, had a ton of fun, saw many old friends and made lots of new ones.  We wouldn’t miss next years Conference for the world.

    If I were you, I’d start making arrangements now for next year.




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    My free Special Report, “5 Ways To Smash Through Training Plateaus, Pile On New Muscle, And Get Freaky Strong”, has been nominated as one of the 50 Best Free Health And Fitness Courses On The Web!

    This is a great opportunity to spread the message of High Intensity Training to a lot of people who aren’t familiar with it, but could definitely improve the quality of their lives by using it.

    I’d really appreciate your help spreading the message–the more votes I get, the more High Intensity Training will get recognized as a safe, sensible, and productive alternative to all the crazy exercise programs that are being promoted these days.

    All I need you to do is shoot over to the website and click the “Vote For Me” button–it will take you like 14 seconds.

    Click Here To Cast A Vote For High Intensity Training



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    Ready, Set, Goals!

    Posted by Dave Durell

    Welcome to 2012!  I hope you have your goals for the year in place, and are ready to start toward their achievement this month with focused intention, building momentum for the rest of the year!

    Of course, this is a popular time of year for New Year’s “Resolutions”, but your yearly goals need to be much more than that.  You need to have a compelling “why” for achieving your goals; some reason that stirs up your emotions, and gets you excited about your goal.

    Next, you need the “how to”-a game plan for achieving your goal, step by step.  The more detailed and specific your game plan is, the greater the likelihood you will achieve the goal.

    And finally, you need a heavy dose of “want to”, the consistent, long-term motivation to continue grinding out the effort needed to achieve a worthwhile goal.

    I discussed these concepts in Chapter 11 of my latest book, Hyper Intensity Training.  To get you jump-started toward the achievement of your 2012 muscle building goals, I have included it below.



    The 3 Keys To Success 

    To achieve success in anything, including a new training program, there are three things you need to be perfectly clear about. I consider these things the 3 keys to success. They are, in order: the “Why”, the “How To”, and the “Want To”.

    The “Why” is your personal reason for training in the first place. Of all the millions of activities you could choose to engage in, why did you pick this one?  What’s the payoff to you? The clearer you are about your answer to these questions, the more likely you will be to stick with the program when things aren’t exactly going your way. As the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “He who has a why can endure any how”.

    The “Why” is what causes you to make a commitment to your training. There are going to be times in your life when you are going to get pulled in a few different directions by people and events in your life; when people are going to try to talk you out of training, or make fun of you because of it; and some are going to want you to join them in certain activities that have nothing to do with training. It is your “Why” that will come to your rescue at these times, and keep you on track to accomplish what is really important to YOU. 

    Only you know your “Why”; it’s purely a personal thing. I strongly encourage you to spend some time in quiet concentration figuring yours out, if you haven’t already.

    Next comes the “How”, which is the purpose of the Hyper Intensity Training program. The “How” is the nuts and bolts, the practical implementation of the “Why”. In this context, that includes studying the theories behind proper training, understanding them, and recognizing their validity; practicing the techniques with the intent to master them; and recording the results, analyzing them, and making adjustments to continue on the satisfying path of regular progress. 

    And finally, we need the “Want To”, which is the motivation needed to, in this case, put in a maximum effort in our workouts, pitting ourselves courageously against the weights that push us to the very limit of our physical and mental abilities.

    By combining the Why, How To and Want To, you eventually develop a sense of mastery, the satisfaction of knowing you were able to put forth the mental and physical effort to take yourself from point A to point Z, and ultimately feel the triumph of success.

    As you experience success in your workouts and see and feel changes happening to your body, you will develop a level of self-confidence that will spill over to all other aspects of your life. 

    Success in the gym builds your self esteem, which is your belief that you are both able to succeed and worthy of success. As you double your strength, lose pounds of body fat, build new muscle, you will come to know that once you set your mind to something you can do it, no matter what it is, because you did it in the gym.

    Because you consistently went to the gym, learned a system, put that system into action, worked hard, and stuck with it, you ultimately felt the triumph of success. You can now relate that success to other new endeavors-“if I could do that (success in the gym), why can’t I do this?”  This type of thinking is very powerful, and the cornerstone of an effective and happy life.

    Finally, believe in yourself and don’t ever give up. Visualize yourself, and your life, as you ultimately wish to be. Do your best to avoid negative influences and strive to maintain a positive attitude. Use the lessons you learn through this program to benefit you in other areas of your life. You deserve a great life, and being physically and mentally healthy and strong are important factors. Do it for yourself-you deserve it!

    Excerpted from The Hyper Intensity Training Manual.  Copyright © 2011 – Dave Durell.  All rights are reserved Worldwide.


    Here’s to making 2012 your best year ever!

    Make your goals happen,

    Dave Durell, MS, PTA, Master HIT Trainer

    P.S.–To learn more about the Hyper Intensity Training Program, Click Here


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    Why I Do What I Do

    Posted by Dave Durell

    So last week, I’m sitting around minding my own business, when all of a sudden I get an e-mail.

    It was from long-time Citizen of the High Intensity Nation, Paul Bennett. He was e-mailing me to wish my wife and I a happy Thanksgiving, which I really appreciated; and also to tell me about his experience with my Hyper Intensity Training program.

    Here’s what he said:

    “First off, I wanted to wish you and your wife a Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you enjoy yourselves!!! I’ve been dieting pretty good as of late, so I’m looking forward to letting loose tomorrow!!

    Also, I wanted to share my results with you so far from the Hyper Intensity training.

    So far, I’ve completed full worksheets on 2 of the workouts – The 6-Pack, and just today, the Push-Pull.
    Here are some start/end stats. Each sheet represents about a month of workouts:


    Exercise Start End:
    Leg Press 235/9 300/10
    Chest Press 330/6 345/7
    Pulldown 190/9 220/6
    Shoulder Press 50/8 55/8 (weakest body part)
    Row 190/5 210/6
    Ab Crunch 12 8/w 25lb plate

    Push Pull
    Exercise Start End:
    Leg Exension 360/8 410/11
    Leg Curl N Acc 45/20 80/14 + 1pos
    Incline Bench 200/7 260/7
    Lat Pulldown 210/6 230/8
    Negative Dip 45lb/7 100lb/6
    Bicep Curl 88/6 98/6

    Additional FYI, I’ve done this losing weight at the same time. I cut out sugars and starchy carbs 5 days per week and lost 15 lbs since June.

    Thanks again for the program, and again, Happy Holidays!!


    Paul T. Bennett”

    And THAT is why I do what I do.

    A long time ago, somebody was selling a course that was different than anything else out there. What the guy was saying in his ads made sense, so I bought it.

    Once I started the program, I made more progress in less time than ever. I was really glad that guy had written that course, and really glad I bought it, because it changed the way I trained forever.

    That guy was former Mr. Universe, the late Mike Mentzer.

    And besides teaching me a better way of training, he also inspired me to try to teach other people, the way he taught me.

    So if you’ve sent me a message like the one above, thanks a million, because you have done just as much for me as the Hyper Intensity Training program might be doing for you.

    And if you haven’t sent me one yet, please do–because that’s what keeps me going!

    Thanks for inspiring me,

    Dave Durell, MS, PTA, Master HIT Trainer
    Author of Hyper Intensity Training


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    So a few weeks ago, Patty decided to take a road trip to one of the top High Intensity Training facilities in the Nation (like the whole United States–not just the High Intensity Nation), and took off for Plymouth, Minnesota to hang out with Luke Carlson and the rest of the Discover Strength crew. 

    You’re never too old or too experienced to learn something, and Patty was sure she would do exactly that at this fine facility.

    As usually happens to us, her flight was seriously delayed, and she got in to her hotel in the wee hours of the morning.  What else is new.

    But once she arrived at Discover Strength, she quickly forgot all about those problems.  She was instantly made to feel right at home, and there was plenty of serious High Intensity Training going on all over the place.

    Discover Strength performs High Intensity Strength Training exclusively with their clients.  No throwing things.  No balancing on anything.  None of the circus act stuff you see going on at other gyms.  Just straight up hard work.

    They have a ton of Nautilus, Hammer Strength, and Med-X equipment, something like 10 trainers, and train hundreds of clients every month–in a 900 square foot space.  (Read that again a few times, until it sinks in.)

    Take the guided virtual tour:

    Somewhere along the line, Patty got talked into a workout with trainer Dan Conway.  I can guarantee it was one of the most intense she has ever gone through–and she’s gone through plenty over the years.

    She got a full body workout, starting with lower body; first some isolation stuff for the hips, then some brutal post-exhaustion for the legs.  Ouch.

    Watch this to feel Patty’s pain: 

    Once that torture was over with, she still had upper body to do.  That consisted of a pre-exhaust cycle for the chest, and a post-exhaust cycle for the back.  Holy nausea.

    Check out the nausea-inducing upper body workout:

    I hope you took note of all the advanced intensity-raising techniques Dan used in these workouts, such as: max contraction, forced reps, negatives, and finishers.  Not to mention an awesome demonstration of outstanding coaching by Dan the trainer, and a maximum effort by Patty the trainee.

    So if you’re ever in Minnesota for some crazy reason, be sure to make it your business to get to Discover Strength and get the workout of your life.  I guarantee it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. 

    (Note: Many thanks to Luke and all of the staff at Discover Strength for providing Patty with a very special experience.  You guys are a class act, and an awesome representative of the High Intensity Nation.)

    Check out the Luke Carlson audio interview:

    Leave a comment below:



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    High Intensity Training Routines

    Posted by Dave Durell

    Here are some examples of High Intensity Training Routines-performed by people I like, at places I like. Although there are some individual differences in how the exercises are performed, note that they all incorporate the underlying principles of High Intensity Training: Intense, Brief, and Infrequent.

    Kick back and enjoy these High Intensity Training Routines-I hope you find them entertaining, and I’m sure you’ll learn something as well.

    High Intensity Training-Arm Specialization

    Performed at the original STG basement gym-great intensity, great coaching, classic old equipment, nice furniture, very interesting hat.

    “Nautilus Girl” Valerie Deadlifts 250

    Performed by Valerie Clement, Owner of Feminine Physique by Valerie, at STG Strength and Power, Ontario Canada (check out the “strong is the new skinny” shirt).  Well done Valerie!

    400 Pound Trap Bar Deadlift-Connor

    Dang, do they have enough equipment at STG STrength and Power?  Nice job Connor! (Are you starting to see that people who work out at this place are pretty strong?)

    500 Pound Trap Bar Deadlift

    Performed by Michael Petrella, owner of STG Strength and Power.  Watch the trailer at the end, where it says all deadlift training was performed on the Hammer Deadlift Machine.  C’mon Mike, everybody knows machines don’t work.

    Discover Strength: Negative-Only Leg Press

    Performed at Luke Carlson’s Discover Strength in Minnesota.  These are waaaaay hard-for the lifter and all those spotters :)

    Discover Strength: Chest Press 20-Rep Breakdown 

    Wow, that looked really hard

    Discover Strength: Sled Pull Finisher

    I’m pretty sure this is illegal in a few states…

    Leave Comments Below!


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