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    High Intensity Training Videos 2016

    Doug “The Sickness” Holland goes old-school strongman with wagon wheel deadlifts plus chains Drew crushes Jake with some iso-hold dumbbell curls at Rock Solid Fitness Shawn shows us the correct way to perform the “Partials” protocol on this poor unsuspecting volunteer Doug Holland’s new training facility (don’t watch if you get jealous easily) High School [...]

    “He Wakes Up Like That”-The Role Of Genetics In Strength And Muscle Building

    One day I was watching some NFL pre-game show on ESPN. The analysts were discussing a certain player who possessed exceptional speed. One of the analysts asked Sterling Sharpe, former NFL wide receiver-turned TV analyst, what that particular player might have done to develop such blinding speed. Sterling’s simple, yet profound, reply: “He wakes up [...]

    The Real Meaning of Specificity

    In the interest of training effectively-that is, engaging in a training program that will provide the specific results you desire-you need to first establish two things: 1. What specifically are my desired results? 2. What specifically must I do in my training to achieve these results?  Obviously, this is fundamental.  If you don’t get these [...]

    Book Review: Dumbbell Training For Strength And Fitness

    By Matt Brzycki and Fred Fornicola I don’t know about you guys, but when I go browse in the sports and fitness section of the bookstore, I’m not looking for a 900 page philosophy novel. I want a little explanation of the theories and principles involved, and then I want something to DO. And that’s [...]

    The Fallacy of Functional Training

    “That’s all I can stands; I can’t stands no more.” Popeye In the past few years, a fitness craze has been sweeping the industry-the operative word being “craze”. They call it “Functional Training”. I have witnessed this craze reach epidemic proportions in the fitness world, to the extent that many people equate this type of [...]

    Exercise Selection: Risk vs. Reward

    I remember one day in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers weight room a few years ago watching Head Strength Coach Mark Asanovich training one of our offensive linemen. We had been made aware, by the athletic training staff, that this lineman had strained his right shoulder in the last game; he was cleared to lift, as [...]

    Clinic Preview and Classic Article Re-Post

    So I leave tomorrow night for the Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Michigan Clinic at the Total Sports Complex in Wixom, Michigan, on Saturday May 22.  Here’s the lineup of speakers: Jim Kielbaso, Director of Total Performance at Total Sports Complex, Wixom, MI Robert Taylor, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Loyola College, MD Rick Court, Director [...]

    Quick looks slick-but slow is the way to go

    Walk into any gym in the world, observe the people performing strength training exercises, and you will quickly notice something about the technique used by 99% of them. Essentially everybody is performing their exercises very quickly. They throw the weight up. They let it drop back down. Mindlessly flailing their limbs with no apparent focus [...]

    Thank You!

    I have exciting news for you! I have just upgraded my High Intensity Muscle Building course to include 2 FREE MP3 downloads and 8 weeks of FREE e-mail coaching! Click here to grab your copy with the FREE MP3′s and e-mail coaching I’m doing this as a way to say THANK YOU to all the [...]

    Classic Article Re-Post: Effective Strength Training

    In 1998, I found out via the internet that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mark Asanovich, was holding a one-day strength and conditioning clinic at the Buccaneer’s practice facility. The speakers included Mark, his assistant Aaron Komarek, Minnesota Vikings Strength Coach Steve Wetzel, and nutrition expert Dr. Ted Lambrinides, who at the [...]

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