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    High Intensity Training Workouts: Big Mike Gets Hyper

    Obviously, something happens during a weight training workout that produces increased muscular size and strength-it doesn’t happen by magic.  And since we now know that we can either train hard, or we can train long, but we can’t do both at once, it has to be one or the other.  Either intensity of effort, or [...]

    The Survival Instinct

    Many trainees, frustrated by their lack of progress, seek the “latest training breakthrough” in an effort to stimulate new gains. In this article I would like to discuss a concept which, once understood and applied, can set the trainee on the satisfying path of regular progress. Sorry, folks, this is definitely not the “latest training [...]

    The Boise Experiment

    So I’m going through my e-mail a couple weeks ago, pondering the question: what is my second-favorite website? Next thing you know, I run across a very nice, complimentary e-mail: ************************** “Hi Dave. I vist your site and listen to some of your interviews on a regular basis and enjoy them. I don’t know if [...]

    Are You Getting Bigger and Stronger?

    You’re going to the gym regularly, busting your ass performing high intensity workouts. You’re sooooo motivated that you’re ready to rip the weights apart with your bare hands. You want to get bigger and stronger so bad you can taste it. Only one problem–you’re not making any progress. You look and lift the same as [...]

    High Intensity Chest Workout, Pain Cave Style

    Here is a video of me performing a chest workout utilizing the pre-exhaustion principle.  The chest exercises I used were the Nautilus 10 degree chest fly, followed immediately by the Med-X chest press.  The 10 degree fly isolates the pecs, and does an extra good job of it by applying the resistance directly to my [...]

    Quick looks slick-but slow is the way to go

    Walk into any gym in the world, observe the people performing strength training exercises, and you will quickly notice something about the technique used by 99% of them. Essentially everybody is performing their exercises very quickly. They throw the weight up. They let it drop back down. Mindlessly flailing their limbs with no apparent focus [...]

    Thank You!

    I have exciting news for you! I have just upgraded my High Intensity Muscle Building course to include 2 FREE MP3 downloads and 8 weeks of FREE e-mail coaching! Click here to grab your copy with the FREE MP3′s and e-mail coaching I’m doing this as a way to say THANK YOU to all the [...]

    The Secret To Dumbbell Training Progress

    Stuck on your dumbbell exercises? 20′s are too light, but 25′s are too heavy? Discover a simple way to solve that problem in this video. Get “unstuck” today, Dave Durell, MS, CCS, PTA Author of High Intensity Muscle Building P.S. Leave A Comment Below! .

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