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    “He Wakes Up Like That”-The Role Of Genetics In Strength And Muscle Building

    One day I was watching some NFL pre-game show on ESPN. The analysts were discussing a certain player who possessed exceptional speed. One of the analysts asked Sterling Sharpe, former NFL wide receiver-turned TV analyst, what that particular player might have done to develop such blinding speed. Sterling’s simple, yet profound, reply: “He wakes up [...]

    Are You Getting Bigger and Stronger?

    You’re going to the gym regularly, busting your ass performing high intensity workouts. You’re sooooo motivated that you’re ready to rip the weights apart with your bare hands. You want to get bigger and stronger so bad you can taste it. Only one problem–you’re not making any progress. You look and lift the same as [...]

    Don’t Underestimate the Value of Recovery

    Last June my wife Patty and I took a mini-vacation to Vero Beach, an oceanfront town on the east coast of Florida. We stayed at a beautiful oceanfront hotel called Costa D’ Este, which is owned by Gloria Estefan, the singer. (It pays to be married to a travel agent!) We enjoyed a long weekend [...]

    Shoulder Workout, Pain Cave Style

    In this video we feature an advanced upper body workout utilizing advanced high intensity training techniques to build the shoulders, live from “The Pain Cave”. The first exercise is the lateral raise on the Med-x avenger machine. The set is carried to a point of positive failure, until the weight can no longer be lifted. [...]

    Quick looks slick-but slow is the way to go

    Walk into any gym in the world, observe the people performing strength training exercises, and you will quickly notice something about the technique used by 99% of them. Essentially everybody is performing their exercises very quickly. They throw the weight up. They let it drop back down. Mindlessly flailing their limbs with no apparent focus [...]

    Thank You!

    I have exciting news for you! I have just upgraded my High Intensity Muscle Building course to include 2 FREE MP3 downloads and 8 weeks of FREE e-mail coaching! Click here to grab your copy with the FREE MP3′s and e-mail coaching I’m doing this as a way to say THANK YOU to all the [...]

    The Secret To Bigger Biceps

    Having trouble making your biceps grow? Discover 2 critical points in this video that will help you maximize your bicep development and arm size. Leave a comment to let me know what you think! P.S.–Exciting news coming to High Intensity Nation very soon–stay tuned! Train intensely and intelligently, Dave Durell, MS, CCS, PTA Author of [...]

    The secret to better back development

    Every second counts. This is just as true for those of us who seek to build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger as it is for Lance Armstrong, who wrote a book with that title (which, by the way, is excellent-you should read it). With that in mind, we want our workouts to be as [...]

    High Intensity Muscle Building is Here!

    As many of you know, I have been using and teaching High Intensity Training for many years with great success. After 25-plus years of experience and constant study, I have finally achieved my goal of creating a program to help others reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits of High Intensity Training. The High Intensity [...]

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