• High Intensity Training Videos

    High Intensity Training, Discover Strength Style

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    1. GREAT Stuff Dave!! I showed my staff the H-Squat. A great machine, we used it a lot when I was at Villanova. One needs a lot a=of space for that.

      Keep it coming!!

      Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio

    2. Thanks Dwayne – notice in the H squat video, at the bottom of the machine near the floor, Doug has a strap that limits the range of motion and prevents him from locking his knees out all the way. Cool idea that can be used on many other machines as well.

    3. These videos make me wanna go workout :-) I like that Arnold quote in that last video. I like the variety of the videos as well.

    4. It is good to see you back, love your stuff !!
      You’ve been missed.

    5. Thanks Richard!

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