• Where else would you rather be?

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place you could go where you could meet a bunch of the High Intensity Training experts you’ve heard do interviews on this site?  How about if you could not just meet them, but learn from them in a classroom setting, then follow them over to the weight room for some hands-on demonstrations?

    And as if that wasn’t cool enough, what if you also got a chance to share a meal, and maybe even have a couple drinks, with these experts, and just talk training with them in a social setting to your heart’s content?

    And what if you could, at the same time, in the same place, have an experienced High Intensity Trainer put through the toughest High Intensity workout you have ever done? And how about if there were a couple hundred other people there to hang out with, who loved High Intensity Training just as much as you do? Does that sound too good to be true or what?

    Well, it’s not too good to be true. Such a place does exist; it’s called the HIT Resurgence Conference, and it’s happening March 15th and 16th in Minneapolis, Minnesota–and I want to meet you there.

    The event is being hosted by my friend Luke Carlson, owner of Discover Strength personal training studios. In case you have never met Luke, he is a class act, one of the most knowledgeable HIT experts around, and this event is first class all the way. You will learn, network, make new friends, and create some great training memories. It is a fantastic experience you will not soon forget, so I really hope you will make the commitment right now to get there.

    Sounds Awesome-I Am Ready To Commit And Sign Up For HIT Resurgence 2013 

    I will be there, along with my wife Patty, and 2 of the Fitness Coaches from our training studio-Shawn “Dag-Nasty” Deignan and Illy “The Shizzle” Stoilova-Rogers. When you get there, I want you to make it a point to find us and introduce yourself.

    Here’s Luke and Brandon to tell us more about this year’s event:

    Click Here To Register And Learn More Details About HIT Resurgence 2013

    I really hope to meet you there if we haven’t met before, and look forward to seeing you again if we have.

    Where else would you rather be March 15th and 16th?

    Click Here To Register And Learn More Details About HIT Resurgence 2013


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    1. Dave,

      I am looking forward to being a presenter along with you at the HIT Resurgence Conference. Let’s talk in the next couple weeks. It looks like we are presenting back to back and I think it would be great if my presentation leads into yours.

      I am looking forward to seeing both you at Patty in Minnesota!!

      Dwayne Wimmer
      Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio

    2. Sounds great Dwayne–looking forward to it! Definitely let’s game plan together soon.

    3. Dave, Looking forward to seeing you at the HIT Resurgence Conference! Excited to talk training and learn from some of clinicians and colleagues!

    4. Dave

      Another great plug for the conference. Can’t wait to catch up with some like-minded thinkers about strength training!

      Anyone reading this who might be having any doubts…put your doubts down and get there. I’m coming from England and it WILL definitely be worth it!!

      Catch you in a few days

      James Fisher

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