• In Memory of Greg Anderson

    I got a voicemail today that knocked me for a loop.  It was a message from my friend Doug Holland, informing me that Greg Anderson–husband, trainer, gym owner, High Intensity Training expert, and an all-around great guy–had passed away. 

    Greg was the owner of Ideal Exercise in Seattle, Washington, one of the finest, and busiest, HIT training facilities anywhere.  He was well known and well respected by everyone in the HIT community.  He was a good friend of the late Mike Mentzer, and Doug McGuff, author of Body By Science, referred to him in a blog post as “The Greatest Trainer In The World”.

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Greg in person, but was lucky enough to be able to interview him, and speak to him on the phone several times.  He was always upbeat, with a happy-go-lucky demeanor, and was funny as hell.  We talked about training, the training business, our experiences with Mike Mentzer, and some of the crazy people we’ve met through high intensity training.  He was kind enough to send me a DVD of him training some of his clients, and once even called me out of the blue to warn me of potential legal action against me over intellectual property rights.  In my experience, he was the personification of a stand-up guy.

    I would like to express my sincerest condolences to his wife Ann-Marie, his family and friends, and all those suffering from the loss of a great man.  The High Intensity Nation will not be the same without him.

    For those of you who never had the pleasure of coming in contact with Greg, I have re-posted his interview below.

    Rest in peace, Greg.  You will be missed.

    To hear the Greg Anderson interview, just click on the play arrow (the little triangle on the left) below:

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    1. I got the phone call from Dr Doug McGuff and it’s hard to think I won’t have my Close Friend around anymore.

    2. Greg was a heck of a nice Guy and friend. I’m in shock.

    3. I just can’t believe he’s gone. I keep waiting to get a phone call saying, just kidding! I started training with Greg in 1995 with a leg press of 30 pounds. He and Ann-Marie have gotten me to a 412 pound leg press. I will forever be grateful for that. I’m beyond wrecked to lose him as a friend, to not get to sit in his office every week before training, laugh at his crazy stories, ask him questions (smartest man I’ve ever known) to which he always had answers. What a wicked funny streak he had. Tough guy on the outside, marshmallow on the inside. Greg, safe travels, sweet man. I’ll miss you something terrible. I’ll do my best to do whatever Ann-Marie needs me to do. xoxoxox

    4. Dave,

      Thanks so much for doing this interview with Greg. It gives those who do not know him and insight into his brilliance. The HIT world will never be the same without Greg. I listened to his interview (which was posted on his website) the day he died just to hear his voice again.

    5. Susan Anderson just call me Mom

      Thank you for all the wonderful things you had to say about my son. A mother always thinks their children are brilliant, but so many others got to see and appreciate his intelligence too. I had never seen that interview, and I will treasure it. A mother’s heart is broken and only time will help, but all the posts and comments are helping to ease his father’s and my pain.

    6. I unfortunately never had the chance to meet Greg in person. Greg and I spoke over the phone and via email several times. Shortly after Mike Mentzer had passed, Greg took over with some of Mike’s phone consultations, which is how I first came in contact with Greg.

      Greg was a fantastic guy, and extremely generous with his time. The first time that we spoke, he told me to call or email him anytime, and to make sure I stayed in touch. He even sent me a dvd of him training a few of his clients. Even just through phone and email chats, I considered him a friend. He had a one of a kind sense of humor, and loved life. Whenever I had a question for him, he would answer me by saying “Do you wanna hear Uncle Greg’s theory?”. When we talked, it wasn’t just about training. We talked about football, baseball, golfing, cooking, drinking beer and having a good time.

      When we did talk about training, we would talk about different methods. He didn’t care if someone wasn’t a “by the book Hitter”, or didn’t do it exactly his way.

      The knowledge that Greg had with all different training methods was unreal!.
      When Doug Mcguff calls Greg the Greatest trainer in the world, he certainly isn’t just saying that.

      When I read the horrible news the other day, I sat and stared at my computer screen in silent shock for about an hour. I’ve felt numb since.

      I hadn’t spoken with Greg in a few years, but he had quite an impact on me and the way that I think.

      My heart goes out to Greg’s wife Ann Marie and his family and friends.

      A great man, taken way too soon.

    7. I have been following the Hit workout style for 39 years and I have spoke to some of the greats by phone and everyone involved all are great people. Hit seems o. To attract very smart and great quality people. I never spoke to Greg but I have read a lot about him before his passing and just now finished listening Dave’s great interview with him. You could certainly hear in the number interview that he was a great guy with a terrific sense of humor. My thoughts are with his wife and mom and family at this terrible time. Anyone who was a friend of his was very lucky as great people are a rare find. Dave I love your interviews as they give great onsite to great principles and great guests.

    8. Please excuse the spelling its difficult typing on this not to smart phone.

    9. I met Greg in 1994 and only physically saw him 4 times in my 18 years of talking and emailing him. Many HIT trainers are arrogant pricks. Greg was not, he spoke to you as if you were important. He told me 90% of any job is the ability to deal with people. So true. He also told me about a million times, that if you move at a rate of an inch per second, there is no room to hide. If you do that consistently you’ll never need more than 3 compound movements and maybe a single joint movement every 7-10 days. I’m still doing that 18 years later. So in honor of Mr. Anderson I performed the following workout:

      front grip pulldown
      shouder press
      biceps curl
      leg press in squat position.

      Workout time 8:30…carpet time 10 minutes

    10. I met Greg at a conferance in Indianapolis Indiana. He was funny intelligent and very helpful told me how he and his wife ran their business. Wrote some great articles about HIT and slow cadence exercise. He will be missed.

    11. Awesome interview. Great and dedicated guy with outstanding knowledge. Thanks for posting this interview.

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