• High Intensity Nation Video Showcase: 11/12

    Doug “The Sickness” Holland performs 5 chins with 100 pounds of chains strapped to himself.  Strict.  Dead hang.  No kipping.  Oh by the way Doug is over 50 years old.  Gee Doug, I guess High Intensity Training doesn’t work….

    Markus “MR High Intensity” Reinhardt pre-contest tribute to his mentor, the one and only Mike Mentzer. Go get ‘em Markus!

    Denny “The Human Guinea Pig” Locascio gets tested on the old Med-X medical testing low back machine at Ken Keppler’s Abstract Fitness in Gainesville, Florida.

    Your boy gives you a secret bicep training technique with dumbbells (at the end of the video)


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    1. Best set of chins I’ve seen in a long time! And with added weight! Incredible display of strength.

    2. Mr. Brzycki,
      Thanks for the complement. It means a lot coming from one with your experience.

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