• Life Is Fragile–Make The Most Of It

    In Memory Of Tony Brown, 1985-2009


    “Life is for those who truly live it, and time alone does not make a full life”.

    That’s the quote I selected to go with my picture in my high school yearbook. I have always believed that, and try my best to always live life to the fullest, to not miss anything.

    Of course, as you become an adult some repetition is inevitable, but it’s amazing how much you can squeeze into your life if you really commit yourself to doing that.

    My nephew, Tony, was that way. Student, son, film-maker, brother, boyfriend, snowboarder, friend, athlete, partier, traveler, adventurer-that guy stuffed more things into his life than most people could do in three lifetimes.

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    Being the youngest child of three brothers, he had a lot of “keeping up” to do.  Tony, however, proved at a very young age that his brothers would have to keep up with him.  Tony loved all sports, but especially extreme.  

    He started skateboarding at a very young age and even built a half pipe for the back yard.  Injuries were no stranger to Tony.  Broken bones were always in his life.  Football, lacrosse, skateboarding, snowboarding, wake boarding, dirt bikes, and bmx kept him busy and out of trouble.  As he grew older, a video camera became part of his hobbies.  He loved to capture his friends practicing tricks. He discovered his dream; to work in the film industry with extreme sports.  

    His future was full of hopes and dreams with a goal to film the sports he loved, have a family and live a full life!

    Unfortunately, fate would have it that Tony would die just a month short of graduating from Full Sail School in Florida.

    Tony died at the young age of 24 on July 11, 2009 from complications during a hospital procedure. 

    Tony’s passing gave me, and all of his family and friends, a horrible, sobering reminder of just how fragile life is. It can be taken away from any one of us in an instant. None of us have any way of knowing how much time we have left on this earth.

    That being the case, it is incumbent upon all of us to make the most of our lives. Take charge of your life and your future. Set challenging goals for yourself, and design your life around them.

    Train your mind as well as your body. Get and keep yourself in great physical condition, so that a lack of fitness never holds you back.

    Make your life a daring adventure, full of thrills, achievement and happiness.

    Work hard on developing yourself to be the best you can be. Cultivate and nurture your relationships with the people who mean a lot to you.

    Don’t miss anything. Don’t leave anything on the table. LIVE!

    And don’t let any opportunity that comes your way pass you by.

    Tony never did.

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    Click Here Learn More About The Tony Brown Foundation



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    1. A beautiful tribute to a great man! Thanks!

    2. Its really an interesting post and I enjoyed reading it. Definitely its a best tribute to Tony Brown.


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