• High Intensity Training Interview Of The Month: Dave Mastorakis

    This month we have an interview with a man who has won bodybuilding contests at every level from his teens through his 50′s, all while using high intensity training–none other than Mr. Dave Mastorakis.

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    Did you ever run into somebody who says, “That High Intensity Training stuff doesn’t work for bodybuilding–name one guy besides Mike Mentzer who ever won using it.”

    Ok–how about a guy who has won over 75 bodybuilding awards at the local, state, regional, national and international level, from the teenage division all the way to the Ultra Masters (over 50) division?

    That’s what Dave Mastorakis has done, all the while maintaining an unwavering commitment to High Intensity Training.

    And speaking of Mike Mentzer, Dave is the guy who actually inspired Mike to become a competitive bodybuilder, when they were both teenagers.

    And Dave isn’t one of these guys who is only good at posing–he’s won strength contests as well, and helped many others achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer. He even has his own line of natural bodybuilding active wear!

    dave m shirt

    Listen in and learn from the master as Dave Reveals:

    • How a belly dancing act led him into a 40 year bodybuilding career
    • How he inspired Mike Mentzer himself to start competitive bodybuilding, how they became friends, what it was like be Mike’s training partner, and his memories of their long friendship (very touching)
    • The nutrition book that changed his (and Mike Mentzer’s) views on nutrition
    • His thoughts on Arthur Jones
    • His experience with volume training vs. high intensity training
    • The commercial bias against High Intensity Training over the years, and how the top champs of the day were involved (THIS WILL FREAK YOU OUT)
    • His secret to making continuous strength gains in his and his client’s workouts
    • The best training routine he used during his career (great info for you young dudes)
    • Who he sends people to for nutritional advice (surprising)
    • And much, much more!

    To hear the Dave Mastorakis interview, just click on the play arrow (the little triangle on the left) below:

    Click Here To Check Out Dave’s Website And Clothing Line

    Leave any comments for Dave below…..


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    1. Hi Dave, just wanted to drop in & say, that I really enjoy youre site.Thanks for all of the info , the work outs & the many interviews that you have here.Thanks for keeping Mike & Ray’s work alive & for the free workout video & news letter. I am up here in Pensacola & I hope to make it down there one day for a work out,take care & thanks again. Jeff Pensacola, Fla.

    2. Glad you are enjoying the site Jeff–hope to see you down here sometime.

    3. I enjoyed the interview Dave Mastorakis.

    4. Excellent really enjoyed it! So refreshing to hear from such honest people!

    5. Another great interview Dave, and Dave M. is right I have gotten several people to try HIT and once they start to see how quickly the results happen they are hooked. I also really enjoyed the Mike Mentzer history lesson, and I never knew that Joanne Sharkey was their sister and not just a business partner. That makes me wonder if Mike ever got married, since I do know he had a fiancee Cathy Gelfo.

    6. Actually Daron Joanne Sharkey is NOT Mike’s sister, but really was just his business partner. Mike’s sister’s name is Marianne. Sorry for the confusion.

    7. Great Interview dave i really enjoyed it!! one of the best interview you have with the legend D-MASS!!

    8. D-MASS–I like that! Dave, you should call yourself that from now on.

    9. Fantastic interview.
      For the long time HIT guys Many of the people that you interview have had a huge impact on our training and our lives…but they were always seen as pictures and words in a magazine; You bring them out of the pages and into reality..Thanks so much Dave.

    10. It was pleasure to listen to this interview. Nice memories with Mike.
      Keep em coming Dave!

      Thank you very much!

    11. once again a very enjoyable and informative interview.

    12. Hi Dave , loved the interview , I stumbled across this site and interview and had to hear it being a huge Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones fan. Hit training is the only way to train. Staying natural and in my late 40′s everyone says I look in my early 30′s , sure genetics helps, but the demanding yet forgiving style of hit has kept my joints , hormones and flexibility young, and am looking forward to many years of great fitness. i really like your site and have become a huge fan, I’ll be checking in a lot!

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