• High Intensity Interview of the Month: Mark Asanovich

    This month our special guest is veteran NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Asanovich.

    tb sc clinic 2mark a mugMark A Bucs Neck

    Every once in a while, in any field of endeavor, somebody comes along who just says things a little bit better than everybody else.

    Mark Asanovich is one of those guys.

    Mark has been a successful strength coach at every level–high school, college, and pro–all the while maintaining an unwavering commitment to High Intensity Training. Not that easy to do when you’re hired and fired by football coaches who don’t know a pullover machine from a kettlebell.

    pullover machine

    Strength Training 101: this is a pullover machine


    This is a kettlebell

    Listen in on the conversation as Mark breaks down, in his special style:

    • How being the “Try Hard” guy led him to a 30-year coaching career
    • The High Intensity All-Star list of people who have influenced him
    • The cross-country Odyssey he went on when he got started as a strength coach (this is crazy)
    • The difference between physiology and philosophy-and why you need to understand both
    • The 4 P’s of strength training
    • The correlation between the strength training program and winning football
    • The fallacy of presumption (vs. principle)
    • The right kind of testing for athletes
    • What “closed loop” and “open loop” mean, and what they have to do with strength training
    • The critical importance of understanding motor learning, physiology and physics
    • The #1 exercise every football player should do
    • Why there is controversy in the strength training field
    • The 3 critical principles of strength training
    • The difference between training for football and training for the non-athlete (surprising!)
    • How to figure out the right amount of training for yourself
    • Why he could never be a Sumo Wrestling strength coach
    • And much, much more!

    To hear the Mark Asanovich interview, just click on the play arrow (the little triangle on the left) below:

    P.S.–Mark is currently the Strength Coach for the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League, and took time out of his busy in-season schedule to do this interview. Please show your appreciation by leaving a comment below and let Mark know what you thought of the interview. Thanks!


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    1. Excellent interview! Mark Asanovich is one of the true consummate professionals in the field. He has the academic knowledge in the sciences and
      really blends it well with the “art” of strength coaching.

    2. George Stephen Taylor

      One of the best interviews I have heard in a long time regarding High Intensity Training and its proper applications. You can be sure that I will be listening to this interview again and taking notes while I do. Thank you to both Mark Asanovich and Dave Durell for this thought provoking interview.

    3. Good interview with Mark! He’s a darn good Coach to talk to. He’s got plenty of experience and doesn’t let ego rule his decisions. Miss seeing him over in Tampa. They haven’t been the same since he left. Their loss! Good luck Coach!!

    4. Excellent interview. Thank you for making this happen Dave.

    5. Another Fantastic and Excellent interview! Thank You Very Much Mark and Dave for the time/effort!

    6. Great interview!

      Would love to hear from Mercury Morris and his involvement with the early HIT/Nautilus training.

    7. [...] of the wisdom that long-time Strength & Conditioning coach Mark Asanovich delivers during this recent interview with Dave Durrell, of High Intensity Nation.  Another bit of in-the-trenches wisdom that Mark [...]

    8. Ralph Cornwell, Jr

      Mark and I are very much on the same page with regards to philosophy and practice with our athletes in the weight room. I think he is one of the best in the business. I hope I can articulate myself half as well as Mark in the pursuit of changing the way American perceives the concussion epidemic. As Mark states so eloquently, there is no preventive measures being taken to reduce concussions and neck injuries. Without preventive sports medicine the athlete is not being properly protected. Mark thanks for the words of encouragement.

    9. I was fortunate to have had “Coach A”, as we called him back in his days at Anoka High School, as a strength and conditioning coach. I am currently coaching football at the high school level and use much of what he instilled in us to this day. So many memories and great lessons learned thanks for everything “Coach A”.

    10. Coach A was our strength conditioning coach when I played football for Anoka. He instilled vaules that I carried into my military career and to this day. Thanks Coach.

    11. Coach Asanovich is currently a strength coach teaching at Minnetonka high school in Minnesota this is his first year coaching at Minnetonka but I hope it isn’t his last he is the coolest best teacher that I have ever had.

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